Saturday, February 4, 2012

Up Before the Son

baby's first pb&j, at hi-rise. YUM.

It's so quiet this early in the morning, in my apartment and even on the street. I suppose if I had thought about it that much would have occurred to me but I'm a sleeper until the baby gets up, a groggy-eyed mama trying to changethediapernursethebabyfeedthebabyfeedthedogsdressusforwinterwalkthedogs and all before nine. It's a very intricate dance of timing to ensure Gus doesn't lose his cool and the dogs don't lose their, ahem, bowels. No complaints, of course, because it's beyond nice that I get to stay home with my kid and animals, but it is a sprint that first hour or so and I just never think about what the morning is like without my added chaos. It's quiet. Everything feels clean and fresh and easy. I'm able to think. I like it. I need to make rising before Gus a habit of mine. Can you imagine if I got to drink my first sip of tea before it became over-steeped and room temperature?

p.s. My baby maimed my nose. I know it may look minor but my husband informed me it's getting worse as time goes by. I think he's right. I am in no way pleased.

p.p.s. I thought honey wasn't considered vegan and yet I saw a recipe for a vegan smoothie yesterday with honey. Care to enlighten me?

p.p.p.s. I want an iphone, but do I really? It's so expensive. So, are iphones really worth it?


  1. Honey and conventional sugar are two things that some vegans will eat.

    Congrats on selling your house btw!

  2. you should listen to this if you haven't already re: apple and their Less Than practices. i do have an iphone. and i adore it, but i will certainly not buy a new one until they change some s up.

    1. I'm so glad you reminded me of that episode. I never went back and listened to it. I decided to not get one and something tells me listening to that will help me support that choice. :)

  3. i love that elephant necklace you are wearing so much!

    i thought putting honey in something made it automatically not vegan, even though some vegans will eat honey. that is confusing. i think it is also weird that lots of vegan cookbooks don't mention that you should look for vegan sugar, because lots of people don't know that conventional sugar isn't necessarily vegan.

    i REALLY want an iphone too, but it is just so expensive! i don't know if i can justify the phone plan. and i would be even MORE obsessed with the internet if i could check it from my phone.

    1. Thanks! Craig gave me the necklace for Christmas. :) :) :) My yoga instructor complimented me on it last week and I said, "Oh, it's for my baby." And then there was this awkward conversation where I realized she took that to mean in honor of my baby who was dead. I've got to figure out a better way to say that..

      As of now I've decided no on the iphone. I hate to admit it but I really only ever wanted one for the instagram app.. Hopefully they'll just come out with a version for android soon. Those elitist asses! :)