Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sweet Homestead Stills, V. 3

broken but loved // waiting for water // shinglesshinglesshingles 

 getting roosty // ice cream! // hoopy love

 sun butter & strawberry // gifts from a good man // sandwich SMOOSH

 drizzle, drizzle // grate, grate // peel, peel (all for seasoned!)

 exercising trust & independence // big love, big chard

 scraps & strips // late afternoon meeting

before the sugar dust // neighbor cakes

Since moving there have been so many wonderful things at which to point my camera. There are chickens and ducks and pretty shingles and lots of food and really great natural light and wide open spaces and funny little old home details and dogs taking sunbaths by the dozens and my kid finally doing something other than eating and swinging (although those things are still very present in his day to day). But I found with all the details and moments captured I was coming up short on words. If you don't have anything to say, don't say it, I said! So, I shared my first collection of selected photos from the last however long. And then I did it again. Now today, here I am once more with far too many pictures for one post. Consider this the very unofficial announcement of the official Sweet Homestead Stills series.

Check back Friday for the resurrection of the First Friday art tour series!


  1. FABULOUS! bring on the stills series, i am loving every picture xxx

  2. Me too, you really know how to take a picture x

  3. There is so much charm to capture, how could you resist? I'm especially happy to see the hand on fur photo.

  4. Please do continue, I am loving all these photos!
    You have made me insanely hungry, and ohmygod is that a strawberry sandwich I see?! I have never eaten one and now I must!

  5. lovely little vignettes of life. so perfect, even in all of life's imperfection. xo

  6. no words needed!
    these pictures are saying everything.
    and that everything is just lovely!!

  7. Ok, these pictures are officially making me hungry! XD
    That your home?? Looks so peaceful and pretty :)

  8. Sometimes words just aren't needed! It all looks divine, and it's just going to keep getting better.

  9. I just stumbled across your blog recently via the lovely threads all crafty/homesteady/mama blogs seem to weave. I LOVE it! thanks so much for being here and inspiring fellow farm dreamers. love love love! xo Mindy Sue

  10. I would gladly buy a book with the snapshots from your homestead. These pictures are just so perfect, and I LOVE the peeks into the beauty of your home!

  11. Yay! So glad you are making this a series. It's already one of my favorite things about your blog. These homestead pictures always look so wholesome and colorful! Keep 'em coming!